As a team of talented, multifaceted, creative professionals, we strive to create exceptional experiences for our clients as we help them to bring their concepts and visions to life.

Video Commericals

Whether your concept is simple and straightforward here in Denver, or highly complex in an exotic location, Guerilla Capturing is up to the task and ready for the challenge.

Video Editing

Entrust us with your project, and learn why so many small businesses, governmental agencies, and large corporations trust us to expertly handle their unique media needs.

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Denver Videography - Denver Aerial Video

Guerilla Capturing is an industry leader and innovator; a collective of passionate, experienced, creative professionals. We are a native phenomenon, born and bred in Denver, Colorado, but create visionary solutions for clients around the globe. Entrust Guerilla Capturing to attack your next project, and trust that we will decimate any challenges or obstacles that stand in way of translating your creative concept into a powerful, captivating, media end product.

Videography 99
Video Productions 97
Commercial Production 95
Photography 96

Aerial Video

Cutting edge equipment, skills and the ultimate eye for video combine for highly developed artistic talent with extensive technical experience and expertise.



The fitness industry is poised to grow faster than nearly any other market, in the short, mid, and long term. Will you leverage the power of our highly connected, media driven lives?


Video Editing

We are an industry leader and innovator in the realm of Denver, Colorado video editing; evident in the quality of our work and loyal client roster. We are a collective, creative force!


Action Sports

Guerilla Capturing is well versed  in the unique obstacles posed by action sports. Inclement weather, fast-paced action, expansive venues, and difficult perspectives are in the bag.



Though our technical expertise in videography is unmatched, our true passion is people. A native phenomenon, Guerilla Capturing was born and bred in Denver, CO.


Real Estate

As a team of passionate, experienced, creative professionals, we strive to serve the dynamic needs of the local, and national, commercial and residential Real Estate market.



Entrust us to attack your project, and trust that we will decimate any challenges or obstacles that stand in way of translating your creative vision into a powerful media end product.



All of us at Guerilla Capturing are wholly dedicated to creating and refining innovative media solutions that foster engagement and bolster connectivity to grow your business. 


Aerial Photo

We are inspired by the endless creative possibilities that the aerial platform represents, and are thrilled to be able to leverage our passion and expertise for you. 



We, at Guerilla Capturing, don’t shy away from creative challenges, difficult conditions, or grandiose visions; we are inspired by the opportunity to push the boundaries.


Video Production

Regardless of your concept and vision, our team has the expertise and know-how to help guide your project from conceptual framework to polished, breathtaking finality.



We will help define exactly what you want to capture and convey, and craft a creative strategy specific to your vision. A spectacular final product is the result of a cohesive team effort.


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Guerilla Capturing combines peerless passion and experience with unrivaled professionalism and technical expertise to craft innovative solutions for all of your video production, advertising and media needs.


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