Denver, Colorado | Concert Video Production

Guerilla Capturing is one of the most respected and revered names in Denver, Colorado concert video production. As a team of talented, multifaceted, creative professionals, we strive to capture the energy, passion, and raw emotion of live concerts in an breathtaking fashion befitting the artist[s] and venue.

As a collective of creative types, with varied personas, personalities, and personal passions, we sometimes differ when it comes to musical preferences and leanings. One thing we can all agree on is that there is nothing quite like a great live show, regardless of genre or artist. The electrified energy in the air, the brilliant moment when a performer connects on a deep and personal level with the crowd, the evocative nature of old hit and thrill of new material; that’s the good stuff.

We know that each and every show is wholly unique; the venue, the audience, the vibe, and have developed a refined and polished approach to crafting and executing a creative strategy to capture and encapsulate the singularity of a performance. We, at Guerilla Capturing, don’t shy away from creative challenges, difficult conditions, or grandiose visions; we are inspired and motivated by the opportunity to push boundaries and innovate novel approaches and solutions.

Denver Colorado Concert Video Production

Your band or act, festival or event, venue or concert hall, is uniquely one of a kind, the company you trust to capture the magic and subsequently create a final product that is an extension of your vision should be as well. We take a great deal of pride in working with local, national, and international performers, venues, and festivals; our expertise and dedication is clearly evident in the quality and caliber of work we produce.

Guerilla Capturing, the unrivaled source for all of your Denver, Colorado concert video production needs!